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Vivo is a Chinese Technological Company, popular for its camera-centric devices, with users fond of an innovative approach towards digital products. One of the most popular features of the brand is its pop-up camera that allowed Vivo to gain immense fame within a concise period. The brand eventually became one of the best Newfound Kings of mid-range smartphones lagging behind the famous Samsung. Along with its V-series products representing the brand’s creative and well-featured devices, the company has taken new leaps by managing and developing some great Software and Applications. One of its latest versions of the Vivo PC Suite has made it possible to connect and communicate with your computer for better results.

This article will discuss the Vivo PC Suite Software, its features & functions, and the steps for a successful installation.

Vivo PC Suite

What is a PC Suite?

A PC Suite is a simple software that helps to connect your mobile device to a nearby computer. It can be termed as a bridge that helps to bind the two devices.

The software offers a lot of advantages with data transfer, management, and installations.

The Vivo PC Suite

The Vivo PC Suite Software or Vivo assistant is the officially dedicated PC suite developed by Vivo to help its Phone manager connect faster and easier with your computer devices. Using the Vivo PC Suite or Vivo Mobile PC Suite, you save a lot of time and effort by connecting with your computer to resolve all your device problems right away. The software itself offers many useful features such as managing music, reading, sending SMS, and installing/uninstalling APK applications directly from your PC through your mobile device. Compared to other PC suites in the market, Vivo PC Suite Software is said to be a better choice.

Vivo PC Suite

Vivo PC Suite OS Compatibility

Vivo PC Suite can be installed on a variety of windows computers due to its compatibility with different Windows versions if you have a PC with any of the following windows versions ranging from the Vivo PC Suite for Windows 7 to Windows 10.

The latest Vivo Assistant works on the following versions of windows –

  1. Windows XP (32-bit)
  2. Windows 7 and its variants (32-bit)
  3. Windows 7 and its variants (64-bit)
  4. Windows 8 (32-bit)
  5. Windows 8.1 and its variants (32-bit)
  6. Windows 8.1 and its variants (64-bit)
  7. Windows 10 (32-bit)
  8. Windows 10 (64-bit)
  9. Windows Vista (64-bit)

How to Use Vivo PC Suite?

The Vivo PC suite software uses straightforward language. Even a beginner would understand all of its benefits by using the application except for one thing, the PC Suite, as the name suggests, can only be installed on a Windows computer.

Steps of installation

Before using a Vivo PC suite software, you need to download the first thing that will be a Vivo ADB driver.

  1. Go to the given link below for the Vivo PC suite free download-!J0sBzITK!htxPdfaYKbnmu38LDdFitdGPSOGvjkZLFhVchSbFPBA.
  2. Along with the PC Suite, if you want to upgrade, downgrade, or flash-stock ROM, it was advisable to get a Vivo USB Driver, which can be downloaded from the link given below-
  1. Go to settings and click on the ‘About Phone option.’ Click on the ‘Build number.’
  2. Tap on it to enable the Developer options.
  3. Return to the settings. Go to the Developer option. Open it.
  4. Go to an option called USB Debugging and enable it.
  5. Connect your Vivo device to your PC, Desktop Computer, or laptop by using a USB cord.
  6. Now, initialize the Vivo PC Suite Download Software ( Mobile assistant ) process on your PC.
  7. The Vivo PC Suite Software will enable detection with your device and prompt USB debugging. Allow the same.

You can now navigate through the PC Suite and see what they have to offer with their beautifully designed interface.

Features of the latest Vivo PC Suite Software

  1. Message Manager

The software helps you check your smartphone’s inbox and the options to compose, send, and receive messages.

  1. Free of Cost

The software tool is completely free of cost.

  1. Compatibility

The software works with all kinds of Vivo devices, whether they come with a Snapdragon or a MediaTek processor. It can be installed and used in any version of Windows.

  1. Data Transfer

Enables you to transfer data from your Vivo device to the computer and vice-versa.

  1. Data Backup

Allows you to take a backup of your device data on your computer.

  1. Data Restoration

The software allows the performance for the restoration of data without much difficulty.

  1. Calendar Manager

Allows easy customization of the calendar as per the work schedules you follow.

  1. Editing Notes

You can edit any notes and save them using the software.

  1. Contact Manager

Allows easy import, export, delete, or creation of any new contact on your device.

  1. File Managing

You can check the internal & external storage of your Vivo device. It also allows you to edit & delete any content from your smartphone.

  1. Data Sharing

It allows sharing of mobile data connection with your computer.

  1. Clean & Simple User Interface

The software comes with a straightforward interface.

  1. Supports New Devices

The latest version supports new devices like Nex 2 and Nex 3, whereas you can also support the old devices of the X, Y, Z, and V series.

  1. Bug Fixes

The updated version of Vivo PC Suite has fixed various bugs to improve user experience.

Final Words

Vivo PC Suite Software is one of Mobile PC Suites’ latest versions available for download in the digital market. The new version emphasizes the importance of backup and restoration features more. These are some of the present generation’s essential features, allowing you to manage your files and data easily.

If you are new to the world of technology and, fortunately, using a Vivo smartphone, we highly recommend installing the Vivo PC suite software.

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